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Pierre Marie was born on January 16, 1624 at Lisieux of Normandie, Northwest of France. He read with interest and reflected on The Imitation of Christ. At the age of nine [1633], he was inspired by God to gather those who loved the Holy Cross of Jesus. His wish was that they should be formed into a congregation named "Lovers of the Holy Cross"

After graduation from high school, Pierre Marie studied law and became a lawyer at the age of twenty three in 1645.

Pierre Marie ordained to the priesthood on December 27, 1655.

On June 11, 1660, Father Lambert was ordained as Bishop of Berythe.

Representative of the Holy See to evangelize the gentiles in the Southern Dioceses of Vietnam Co-founder of the Mission Association of Paris in 1669.

  • Ordained the first Vietnamese local priests.
  • Established St. Joseph Seminary in Far-East Asia.
  • Formed the Association of the Lovers of the Holy Cross.
  • Established the congregations of the Holy Cross-North 1670 and South 1671. Rested peacefully in the Lord at 4:00A.M. on June 15, 1679, in Thailand.