The Cross and the Apostolic Spirit

According to Bishop Lambert:

  • An apostle is identified with Christ so as to continue and complete His work of salvation;
  • An apostle is the visible hand and mediator of the Redeemer;
  • An apostle ministers in the heart of the Church, building up the Mystical Body of Christ in the very place, culture and society she lives in;
  • An apostle follows closely the spirit of the Gospel, approaching people with an attitude of respect, gentleness, and humility; proclaiming the Crucified Christ, not just by words, but also by practical services, especially by her very life living in according with the mystery of the Cross of Who me she proclaims.

The Cross and the Apostolic Spirit

The Lovers of the Holy Cross are called to live the apostolic spirit, and to practice the missionary approach of the Founder. The Founder encouraged the Sisters to live the spirit of mediation, in imitation of the Savior, when fulfilling the mission.

The Lovers of the Holy Cross are to bear the compassionate heart and become the visible hands of Christ Crucified:

  • To share the suffering of her people and to comfort them
  • To offer those gifts of sufferings in union with the sacrificial offering on the Cross of the Redeemer.

Carrying out the Four Practical Apostolic Missions

In carrying out the four concrete apostolic missions specified by the Founder, the Sisters are to employ a spirit of creative adaptation, based on the teachings of the Church, in order to serve the people more effectively.

  1. Education the Youth
  2. Serving the sick
  3. Protecting Infants
  4. Advancing the life of women
(Constitutions of Lovers of the Holy Cross-Los Angeles)