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The Cross and the Salvific quality of Prayer

In the heart of the Church, Bishop Lambert is the imminent model and teacher of prayer for the Lovers of the Holy Cross, according to him:

  • "to deepen the spiritual life, no method is as efficient as frequent dialogue with God and the fidelity to the action of His grace";
  • spiritual life is concretized by:
    • fixing one's gaze and heart on the Crucified Christ with an extraordinary love, that is intellectual, affective and effective;
    • nurturing a deep spiritual life by reflection, meditation, and affective contemplation with a simple, pure vision;
    • celebrating the Liturgy and adoring Christ in the Blessed Sacrament with an attitude of profound reverence and solemnity hat befit God's majesty.
    • placing oneself habitually under the action of the Holy Spirit to become a beloved child of the Father, and to be enlightened in each apostolic activity.

In every form of Lambertian prayer, the most outstanding characteristic is a posture of tireless prayer before God to intercede for the salvation of all people.

(Constitutions of Lovers of the Holy Cross-Los Angeles)