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"Look upon the Novices as holy treasures entrused into your hands by God. "

Bishop Lambert de la Motte-Btt 7


Shalom aleikhem -Peace be with you

“The doors….were locked for fear….” Reflecting upon the course of my life, I find in this passage the echo of familiarity: the continuous cycle of responding and denying Jesus’ love. After Jesus’ burial, His disciples were trembling with fear: externally by the Jews and internally by their own conscience. read more

Love, a call to conversion

I would never forget the day of my conversion. God touched me with His love and I was never the same. I was between grace and sin; hope and despair; life and death; light and darkness. Yet, as God’s grace drew me more

fast and feast

Fast from emphasis on differences; feast on the unity of life.
Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation.
Fast from dwelling on the past; feast on being in the present.

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A Realistic Love

Prior to entering the convent, I always considered myself to be a loving person I was kind, generous, and very hospitable (or so I thought). Having lived with the community for four years now, I am beginning to more