Catechist Formation

10 Mistakes on the First Day – CATECHIST

Mistake #1: Not sharing why you became a teacher/catechist. I firmly believe that one of the critical components to our success as religious educators is teaching with testimony. We have to share our stories. We have to connect with our … Continue reading

Catechism Test

  CATECHISM TEST How well do you know the teachings of the Church? This seven-part test covers then entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. Developed by Jim Seghers of Totus Tuus Ministries, this test has been used to instruct catechists … Continue reading

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Dear all Catechists, TAs and Office Aides, We are all familiar with today’s GPS – an important devise to give us directions and maps to arrive at our destination on time or on the way to it. As good Catholics, … Continue reading

The Shroud of Turin

Scientists “Jesus Rose From The Dead! ” Astounding Proof!

Easter Reflections

Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ is Risen from the Dead. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!!! Ngợi ca Chúa Giêsu Kitô, Vua Vinh Thắng Khải Hoàn.  Alleluia!!!

Tuần Thánh – Holy Week

Lạy Chúa Giêsu là Thiên Chúa của lòng con tôn thờ!  Không có tình yêu nào trên trần gian này có thể báo đáp lại Tình Chúa thay thế cho con vì cuộc khổ nạn quá vĩ đại, đớn đau … Continue reading

Lenten Reflection

Atheist Finding God in Catholic Church

Suy Niệm Mùa Chay – Lenten Meditation

Dear Phụ Huynh, các Thầy cô, các em TAs và Học Sinh Giáo Lý: Hope you give Jesus at least 5 minutes each day during Lent to pray and be closer to Jesus.  The flowing river in this video is … Continue reading

Ash Wednesday – Lent Begins “Spring season of the Soul”

Dear Lord Jesus, You enter the dessert to fast, pray and discipline your body, soul, and mind and to control your temptations caused by human weaknesses as a way to begin your Journey in saving us from eternal death – … Continue reading