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God has invested all his love in creating human life.  That is why we are not entitled to destroy it,

especially we who know that Christ has died for the salvation of that life. 

Christ has died and has given everything for that child.


I praise the tenderness and the love of God, because every little one, in a poor family or a rich family,

is a child of God, created by the Creator of all things.


Christians need to learn to forgive.  How do we learn to forgive?  By knowing that we too need to be forgiven.


If we admit that we are sinners and we need forgiveness, then it will be very easy for us to forgive others.  But if we don’t admit this, it will be very hard for s to say, “I forgive you” no matter who comes to us.


Jesus taught us how to forgive out of love, how to forget out of humility.  Let us be sincere and ask to be forgiven.  Is my love for others so great, so real as to forgive, not out of duty but out of love?


If we really want to love, we must learn to forgive before anything else.


Christians are the light for everyone else, for the whole world. 

If we are Christians, we must look like Christ.  We must be like him.


This is what people expect form us: that we fully live out our Christianity.


Suffering in and of itself is useless, but suffering which is a share in the passion of Christ
is a marvelous gift for human life.


Suffering is a sign of love, because it was chosen by the Father to show us that he loved the world when he gave up his Son to die for us.  In that way, through Christ’s life, suffering proved to be a gift, the greatest gift of love, because through his suffering our sins were atoned for.


When suffering comes to us, we should accept it with a smile, because it is the greatest gift that God gives us.  It is a gift to have the courage to accept everything that he sends us.


God has his own ways of working in the hearts of men, and we don’t not know how close he is to each one.


I believe that God has created each soul, that that soul belongs to God, and that each soul has to find God in its own lifetime and enter into his life.  That is what is important.  All of us need to seek God and find him.


Through prayer I become one in love with Christ.  I realize that praying to him is loving him. 
For me, prayer means being united to the will of God twenty-four hours a day,
to live for him, through him, and with him.


Who is the church?  You and I.  The church are those who follow Jesus.


Vocation, for a Christian, is Jesus.  Our means, how we spend our time, may be different,
but it is still our love for Jesus in action.


Jesus knows the countless hungers of man, and he gives of himself.  What a gift!  What proof of his love!  What assurance for us!


Love, tenderness, and compassion are real justice.  Justice without love is not justice.  Love without justice is not love.


We are all called to be saints.  We all have been created in the image of God to love and to be loved.


We should realize that poverty doesn’t only consist in being hungry for bred, but rather it is a tremendous hunger for human dignity.  We need to love and to be somebody for someone else.


Each one of us is what he is in the eyes of God.


This is a sign of the joy of loving God: sharing that love with others.


We need to work for Christ with a humble heart, wit the humility of Christ.  He comes and uses us to be his love and compassion in the world in spite of our weaknesses and frailties.


The Scriptures tell us, “I have called you by name.  You belong to me.  You are precious to me.  I love you.”  God himself declares that we are precious to him.  He loves us, and he wants us to respond to his love.


Your vocation, as well as mine, can be summed up this way: to belong to Jesus,
to love with the conviction that nothing and no one can ever separate us form the love of Christ.


We have a great deal of worth in the eyes of God. 
I never tire of saying over and over again that God loves us.


The fruit of our work, as well as the ability to carry it out, comes from prayer.  The work that we accomplish is the fruit of our union with Christ.  We have been called to give Jesus to the peoples of the world, so that they can look at him and discover his love, his compassion, and his humility in action.


Lord Jesus, we know that you became poor for our sake.  We ask that you make us to be poor in spirit, to imitate your own confident dependence on your Father.


Jesus offers his lifelong, faithful, and personal friendship, embracing us in tenderness and love.


It is a wonderful thing that God himself loves us tenderly.  Knowing this should give us courage and joy for living.


It is only by being transformed in spirit, by recognizing both our total inadequacy and the almighty power of God, that we can find the door to his kingdom.


Lord Jesus, we want to imitate you, who told us: “I am meek and humble of heart.”  We ask you that, day by day, you lead us in this path.  We wish to bring you, dear Christ, to others.


Service means an unceasing and wholehearted labor in making ourselves available to Jesus so that he may live, in and through us, his life of infinitely tender, compassionate and merciful love, for the spiritually and materially poorest of the poor.


I believe we must look for holiness, joy, and love in our own homes.  We must make our home like a second “Nazareth” where Jesus can come and live with us.

Happiness can’t be found without prayer.


Souls of prayer are souls of great silence.  We cannot put ourselves directly in the presence of God if we do not practice internal and external silence.


Would that we could be so convinced of this necessity of silence!  I think then the road to close union with God would become very clear.