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Reflection by Bishop Lambert de la Motte.

"In contemplating the crucifix, the believers hear Christ's call echoing in their souls, inviting them to deny self, take up the Cross, and follow Him each day."

"The Cross is the summit of the Savior's life, the central mystery of the Gospel, and the sign of the disciple following Christ. For us, the Cross is no longer a stumbling block or an absurdity, but it becomes a sign showing the marvelous wisdom, incomparable power, and wondrous love of God. Through the power of hte Eternal Spirit, the Cross becomes the means of reconciliation for the world, and the sign unifying the scattered children called by God and chosen in His beloved Son."

"In contemplating the crucifix, we experience the affectionate gaze of Christ, who awaits our wholehearted response."

"Christ came to serve and to offer His life as a ransom for all people. He was in the midst of His disciples as a servant. He wanted the greatest among them be the least and their leader be the servant of all."

"The voluntary acceptance of death on the Cross by the Servant of God was the ultimate act of the Servant of all. This act expressed the glory and dignity of Christ as the eternal King in Union with the Father in the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Cross became the sign of Christ's royal authority and revealed a basic truth of Christianity: to be the master is to serve, and to serve is to be the master."